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Windows .... Should You Upgrade?

To 11 or not to 11, that is the question!

To 11 or not to 11, that is the question!

While every situation is different, most of the time the answer is yes, but not yet. As often the case with brand new model vehicles and even software, the very first incarnation is a little buggy. There are indicators that waiting a few months may be well worth the wait. Of course feel free to call or email us for a more in depth assessment at no charge.

What about gadgets/apps/media and the cloud?

As previously noted, Windows 11 may not be compatible with all applications – you may need to check with the device manufacturer in some cases. You can also confirm with Microsoft’s “compatibility check,” part of the desktop reservation system, see if your computer is ready for Windows 11. Media Center will not be part of Windows 11 and will be uninstalled; Microsoft will be providing a “Windows DVD Player” app in the first upgrade to Windows 11 after its installation to your machine. Your documents will still be saved to your computer, but Windows 11 provides cloud access – which is completely optional.

What is the Windows 11 free upgrade and how do I get it?

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest operating system (OS). Essentially, the Windows 11 upgrade is available by reservation on your desktop. This is the complete edition and becomes yours after the update. To reserve Windows 11, look for Windows logo in the taskbar in the lower right corner of your screen; it is available between now and July of 2016. If you don’t see the logo on the taskbar, you may be missing an update. Since the expected response is so large, Microsoft will notify customers when the system check and download (both done in the background) is completed so users may upgrade their computer; once started, the update process will take about one hour. It is available to Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users, although not all content will run on every gadget. (Updates for 8.1 tablets/convertibles/phones should be available later in 2015.) As with many newly released software packages, customers may wish to wait until the “shake-down” is over before transferring this package.

Will Windows 11 run on older MS Operating Systems (e.g. Vista or XP)?

Yes, and no. You can buy Windows 11 for your older computer (MSRP: $119/Home, $199/Professional) although older machines may not have the capacity to run it successfully. New computers may come with the software already in place; new machines running 8.1 are fully upgradeable.

Can I upgrade several computers?

Yes, either by following the outlined process on each machine, or by individually downloading the files to an external device once and manually completing the process on each machine.

I’m running different editions of Windows on several computers; will my upgraded software be compatible?

Yes, where you are running Professional, your upgrade will be to Professional; where you are running Home, your upgrade will be to Home. While Microsoft says features are improved across the platforms, the most new features are included in the Professional package.

What can I do if Windows 11 is not for me?

You can change back to your former edition within 30 days of upgrading.

What about reinstalling Windows 11 on my existing computer – what will I need?

You may clean install or reinstall without keys or re-activating on the same computer; significant hardware changes to your machine may require professional assistance during reinstallation.

For more information and specifications we refer you to: Microsoft Windows 11 Q&A.