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Caroline H. @Caroline

Very capable, knowledgeable and friendly. Did a great job.

Denise F. @denise

They save our office’s bacon! CTAG is the greatest!!!

Malcolm S. @metalcolm

Whew! I was so worried I lost everything to a virus, but these folks saved the day AND saved me money! Thanks again!!!

Sarah N. @Sarahn

I thought I lost my photos and music forever! A virus got me, but these folks saved the day- thanks soooo much! Great response time and a good price. Now if only I could find a car mechanic likes these guys

Sarah G. @Sarahg

Our daughter got a computer virus that was so bad she could no longer access websites. We contacted Cheaper Than a Geek and they quickly scheduled us for a pickup. With time being of the essence, I called them back and brought it in to them instead. In short order they had the laptop in top shape and protected against future attacks. My daughter also commented the computer seemed faster than before. We are very happy and keep their card on the refrigerator, just in case.

Veronica G. @Veronicag

I want to thank CTAG for their outstanding service. From the ease of making an appointment, to the convenient pick-up, completion of service, and drop-off....I was impressed! My service technician was so professional and friendly. He took the time to explain what he'd done, and advised what I should do going forward to keep my laptop running smoothly. I will definitely keep CTAG in mind for any future computer needs, and recommend them highly!

Kelli P. @kellip

Forget all the other computer services out there, Cheaper Than A Geek is where it's at! With excellent customer service associates, friendly representatives, outstanding service and fair billing- you absolutely can't and WON'T go wrong! From the time I called them, to the time I got my computer back, they have been nothing but helpful. They always took the time to take the customer into consideration and took care of you personally- which I appreciate very much. Cheaper Than A Geek is amazing and I thank them for my working like brand-new laptop!

Harry T. @harry

I must say that I did not receive 5 star service from Cheaper Than A Geek. I received 10 times 10 star service. I must praise the Cheaper Than A Geek technician for the excellent and expedient service he provided me with over the past week. I first used Cheaper Than A Geek over a year ago when they initially set up my new computer system. Remembering their enthusiasm then, I had no doubts but to employ the services of Cheaper Than A Geek for the recent unfortunate issues I recently encountered with my system. They are incredibly knowledgeable and the expertise is quite evident. The tech dealt with my needs extremely well and in an exemplary way. He made sure that he was available throughout the process of getting my system operating in perfect condition. He showed a personal interest and energy in all that he did. The sound and sensible advice he gave me was truly on point and I am much better informed that I have ever been before. With his commitment to the satisfaction of his clients and work, the ongoing and continuous success of Cheaper Than A Geek will always be achieved and assured. I will welcome their assistance in all the future needs that I will have.